The Burns Group

Business owners have both super-powers and things they’re not so good at.

Business owners often employ a head down, arse up, dogged persistence plus smart decision making often equals success.

The most successful business owners convert “speculative” (e.g market, investment or business) risks into financial gain.

However, what happens when they underestimate the unnecessary “pure” risks (posed by death, disablement or sickness) and how those risks can threaten everything they’ve worked hard for?

Which is why even successful business owners can fall into the treadmill trap of falsely believing that trying to outrun those risks will compensate for the lack of a long-term, sustainable strategy.
Confusion induced procrastination can also creep up and frustrate our best laid plans.

Why would anyone allow their “risk taking super-powers” and ongoing success be destroyed by the Kryptonite / Achilles Heels Risks - of Death, Disablement & Sickness?

It’s not by choice. Life and work can be overwhelming.

There are so many things and people competing for your attention and so little time.

So where do I come in?

I've enjoyed helping prudent executives & business owners since 1998- who are concerned about keeping cash flowing and continuing to keep everything together - without having to take unnecessary risks.I’ve developed methods to protect my business and a network of associates to help me and my clients identify & deal with the chinks in their armoury.No two business owners face exactly the same challenges. I analyse your business, identify your pain points and prepare a detailed plan on how to de-risk your business and protect your financial security against the threats posed by life and health risks.Not only will the plan give you a clear road map, I’ll also introduce you to the best tools, methods & options and alternatives to give you peace of mind and certainty.Most importantly, I’m available to help you or your family when you do get sick, disabled or die. We’re in this for the long-haul.

“How can I afford all this?”

After all, there’s no point in coming up with a plan, if you can’t afford it. We show you how and when to get things done within your budget.
If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve made personal and financial sacrifices for your business. Chances are you’ve laid it all on the line.
Trouble is if the business goes pear-shaped, then your personal life suffers as well.
Don’t let it come to that.

To find out how I can help your business, call me on 027 2300 151 or email me to set up a time for a 20-minute chat to see if our service is suitable for you.

Let’s connect.

Together, we can work it out.