Paul Burns
027 230 0151 // 04 566 8888
55 Cuba Street, Petone, Lower Hutt
PO Box 31-661, Lower Hutt

Welcome to the Burns Group.

With over 20 years in the risk management / asset protection business, The Burns Group has worked with specific industries, companies and individuals to help plan for the unknown.

Paul founded The Burns Group in 1998, and has become a confidant and advisor to a wide range of clients across property, legal, contracting, trades and financial industries.

In the words of one customer:

Paul possesses the right mix of ideal qualities that make him the ideally suited and capable professional to trust with my objectives. I highly recommend any financially savvy person getting professionally acquainted with Paul.

- W Calder, Wellington

Paul Burns
027 230 0151 // 04 566 8888
55 Cuba Street, Petone, Lower Hutt
PO Box 31-661, Lower Hutt

Common questions

Q: Should I meet with Paul?

A: That is up to you.

Paul’s clients agree that they each have a risk management/asset protection plan (by design or default). They also see how time and circumstances erode the return on their investment, as costs increase and benefits decline / become less relevant.

Paul’s clients also understand that failure to re-evaluate their plans can result in undiagnosed Achilles heels that get worse the longer they left.
Common examples of this are loopholes or outdated clauses being used against them by the ACC or their insurer.

These fish hooks and health issues that creep into their plans can create unintended consequences (like nasty surprises at claim time).

Q: What are common results of meeting with Paul?

A: At the very least, you'll get a few new aces.

With no expectation that you will want to do business with Paul, he will gladly leave you with aces to fill your sleeve - in the form of:
A better understanding of what’s important to you to help you make sound risk decisions that feel right to you.At least 1 (usually 2-3) new concepts that (depending how they’re used) may represent the biggest difference between success and failure.A clearer / fuller (high level) overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your current plans when it comes to tackling the actual risks to your life.
If you decide to meet to find out more, and then decide you don't want to go any further, that is absolutely fine.

Q: I already have an advisor.

A: That's great!

Already having an advisor shows you're the type of person who understands risk, and the importance of mitigating it. 

Our decades of experience in the industry helps ensure that you are getting the best from your existing arrangements.
As well-meaning and sincere people’s existing brokers/advisors are, once you’ve met Paul you will have a better idea as to whether you have outgrown the ability of your existing plans and broker/advisor to best serve your future needs.
You’ll be the judge of that though, because Paul believes in “Power to The Person”
Which is why we promise:
To only build onto the good work that anyone else has done for you.You are free to pass on our ideas to anyone else to incorporate for your own benefit.To shape our ideas, concepts and solutions around your situation.
You're free to engage whoever you choose to implement our suggestions or recommendations.

Q: What does the coffee meeting cost?

A: Not a bean.

There is no cost to you. Paul will even shout the coffee!

Q. How is Paul paid?

A: The 1st meeting is totally at his cost.

After that, if you do choose to engage Paul on a professional basis - he is paid either by fee (paid by client and backed up with his “no questions asked money back” guarantee) or commissions (paid by insurers) when his clients engage him to broker new insurance contracts.

Paul Burns
027 230 0151 // 04 566 8888
55 Cuba Street, Petone, Lower Hutt
PO Box 31-661, Lower Hutt

About Paul Burns

Paul is a dedicated father of four, and husband of 27 years. 

Paul is a bit of a cheeky provocateur and is never satisfied with superficial answers, because he has a habit of getting to the bottom of matters and leave no stone unturned.

While Paul’s not afraid to point out the unspoken elephant in the room (when need be) he’s very sensitive and empathic when helping his clients confront critical and sensitive matters (e.g the risks to their financial security).

Which is why when it comes to business he’s been known to challenge the corporate status quo and not afraid to rattle a bureaucrat’s cage. Especially if he senses that the clients he represents are not getting the full value from their insurer.

For over 25 years, his driving passion has been helping people prepare for the unexpected, and providing high quality support when they do. In a crowded marketplace, Paul has built a solid and loyal client base by focusing on the importance of investing into relationships.

This shows in the growing value and success of his own relationship-driven risk practice.

"My focus is relationships. Making sure people feel comfortable in using the right ideas and information to make sound decisions that feel right to them and helping them when things go wrong. Our business is your business."

- Paul Burns